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 New Matt O’Malley Mystery Thriller, Ghost Guns, Released

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New Matt O’Malley Mystery Thriller, Ghost Guns, Released

October 14th, 2018 · No Comments

With the recent publication of the book, Ghost Guns, there are now four books in the Matt O’Malley mystery/thriller series set on Lake George. The other three books, include Desperate Hours, Desperate Days, and Kateri’s Treasure.

Another Matt O’Malley mystery/thriller has been released. Entitled; Ghost Guns, by author Thomas G. Kane, Ghost Guns is a thrilling mystery set in both Orlando and the Adirondack’s own Lake George.

The plot involves Kaitlyn Clancy and Matt O’Malley both becoming targets for a ruthless international arms dealer. Neither knows the other, nor do they know why they have been targeted; and yet, their fates, and the fates of countless others, are inextricably intertwined. If Matt cannot save Kaitlyn, he probably cannot save himself; and, a weapon of unimaginable power will be set loose on the Earth. The way wars are fought, and the balance of power among the world’s nations will be forever altered. No one will ever feel safe again!

All of the books in the series are set in the area in and around Lake George, Glens Falls, and the Adirondack Park. Each of the books is designed first and foremost to tell an exciting story and explore a bit of the rich history of the area. Beyond that, each book explores a serious theme. In Desperate Hours, the vulnerability to terrorist attack of “soft targets” in a free and open society were explored. In Desperate Days, the theme dealt with the pervasive evil of human trafficking in the modern age. In Kateri’s Treasure, O’Malley is confronted with the evils of illicit diamond trading while the characters must also deal with the issue of what in nature holds true value. Finally, in this just released thriller, Ghost Guns, the increasingly troublesome issue of untraceable guns is explored along with our failure to protect one of most precious resources—water.

The local color, history and the many plot twists are quite enjoyable and the story-line keeps the reader guessing until the end. The protagonists in this book are middle aged guys who have been friends since college. They are not super heroes or James Bond style heroes. They are ordinary people who, when put in extraordinary circumstances, rise to the challenge and do the right thing. In Ghost Guns, a quirky new character is introduced, the landscaper Bill Bell, or more appropriately, since everyone crams his name together, Billbell. He is a retired lobbyist so disillusioned with the world that he keeps it at bay by working alone as a landscaper and limits attempts at conversation by responding only with Shakespearean quotes.

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