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 Please Buy Postage in Huletts

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News & Opinion About Huletts Landing, N.Y.

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Please Buy Postage in Huletts

January 14th, 2017 · No Comments

A postage paid order form to buy stamps by mail from the Huletts Post Office.

OK, so while things are very quiet in Huletts right now, there is one constant of activity on the Landing. The Huletts Post Office. So if you’re going to be “in town” for a long weekend or even if you’re not, please consider purchasing your postage from the Post Office.

One thing we can all do, (even if you are not in Huletts) is to buy postage from our local Post Office. Ordering stamps by mail is a great way to support the Huletts Post Office. It’s free and incredibly easy. The order form comes in a return postage paid envelope and the stamps arrive at your door within a few days. It’s that simple and it helps.

If you don’t have a pre-addressed envelope, you can just write your order on a piece of paper and mail a check to:

Huletts Post Office
962 County Route 6
Huletts Landing, NY 12841-9998

It helps to have a Post Office in Huletts, so please support it.

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