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November 27th, 2014 · No Comments

The Story Behind The Attempt To Oust the LGPC’s Dave Wick

The Adirondack Almanack tells a story of political intrigue.

Ticonderoga Area Turns out to Support IP Pipeline

The Times of Ti reports on a proposed gas line under Lake Champlain.

Public Pocket Getting Picked

The Times Union reports on thefts from the public treasury by public employees.

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Happy Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2014 · No Comments

As the wintry weather arrives, and we spend time with family and friends, let us be thankful for the many blessings bestowed on us.

“To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything God has given us and God has given us everything. Every breath we draw is a gift of His love, every moment of existence is a grace, for it brings with it immense graces from God.”

Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude

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Update: Hobie Cat Sailboat FOUND

November 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

This 16 foot Hobie Cat sailboat (seen here in August) with mustard yellow pontoons, had been reported missing by its owner.

Update: 11/25/14 5:50 PM – I was informed that the sailboat has been recovered intact by the LGPC. I appreciate the information many emailed me. Thanks again for the information passed along.

It was last seen sometime in late September or early October. If you remember seeing it, either on the shoreline or in the water, please drop me an email or call me.

When you’re in Huletts in the off-season, please always notice any activity that seems out of the ordinary.

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Canadian Pacific Railway’s Holiday Train Stopping Locally

November 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

Canadian Pacific’s Holiday Train will stop in Fort Edward and Ticonderoga on Saturday, November 29, 2014.

On Saturday, November 29th, Canadian Pacific’s Holiday Train will stop in Fort Edward at 12:30 pm and Ticonderoga at 3:00 pm.

Tracey Brown and the Holiday Train band will perform at each stop.

To learn more about the Holiday Train go to:

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Washington County Supervisors Approve 2015 Budget

November 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

I heard from Dresden Town Supervisor, George Gang, that the 2015 county budget passed on Friday with a 2.85% increase in taxes for next year. This is under the allowable “tax cap.” I will have more details later this week.

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Dresden 2015 Town Budget Posted

November 21st, 2014 · No Comments

The town of Dresden posted the 2015 budget on their website this afternoon. It is large download encompassing many pages, but the opening letter on page 2 and the summary on page 3 highlight the most important parts.

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Independent Film Producer Provides Update on Movie Filmed Locally in April 2014

November 17th, 2014 · No Comments

The producers and film crew making an independent short movie in and around Huletts Landing in April 2014 (seen here), recently provided an update on the movie.

Back in April, a film crew and actors descended on Huletts Landing and Whitehall, where they shot an independent short movie.

I recently heard from one of the producers, Jeremy Leach of Lost City Creative, who gave me an update on where things presently stand.

We wrapped up filming in mid/late April after thirteen days of filming. If memory serves, we spent 3 days in Brooklyn, one travel/shoot day going upstate from Brooklyn and the next nine days splitting time between Whitehall and Huletts Landing. One of our biggest concerns before heading up to Huletts was the state of the lake. I was told it had been one of the coldest winters on record and as of April 12th, our first day of production, large portions of the lake had not thawed. Because we had several scenes on the lake, this was a cause of great consternation. However, upon arriving at Huletts on April 15th (in a torrential downpour), we were relieved to find the lake had completely thawed. Apparently, it had gone out two days before we arrived!

Upon beginning the edit, we were delighted to find that many of the scenes from the film, including those filmed in and around Huletts Landing, really capture the beauty of the landscape. The scenes we filmed there are important because they are essentially the first time our main character is immersed in a completely natural environment, a significant stage in the film. We were honored to be able to work with such wonderful people both in Huletts Landing and in Whitehall before, during, and after production.

The first thing we had to do once we finished filming was to cull through and organize the many hours of footage. That took some time because we filmed several complicated scenes, many of which included a variety of long takes. Initially we were unsure of the potential length of the film but after going through all the footage and putting together some rough assembly edits, we’re thinking it could potentially be anywhere from 75 – 90 minutes long. Right now, we are working on and are close to completing a rough cut of the entire film, creating a story arc by assembling the visual building blocks of the film. From there, we will review and move on to a fine cut, where we will start incorporating more complex sound design and begin the arduous process of color correction.

Finding free time to edit while juggling work/personal responsibilities can be challenging, often resulting in a process that takes longer than expected. That said, we’re hoping we can have a finished film by early spring of 2015. After it’s finished, we’ll begin the process of submitting the film to festivals and arranging screenings. I’ll keep you updated with our progress for some follow-up posts for your blog.

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An Interview with Adirondack Artist, Sandra Hildreth

November 16th, 2014 · No Comments

Artist, Sandra Hildreth, painting an Adirondack scene. (Photo credit: Gary Lee)

With the leaves starting to fall, I recently had a chance to interview Sandra Hildreth, who is known for her paintings and artwork which depict the Adirondacks. Below is my interview with her.

Your art captures the spirit of the Adirondacks. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? How you came to the Adirondacks and what you try to capture in your art?

I grew up in rural Wisconsin, always playing outdoors as a child, and in a household full of art and antiques. My mother was an amateur photographer and I remember going with her to go out and photograph clouds! My family moved to Kentucky when I was in college, I finished my education there, married, and moved to northern NY when my husband joined the faculty at SUNY Potsdam. While I enjoyed the rural beauty of the St Lawrence Valley (much like Wisconsin, and I did paintings of it), I felt strongly attracted to the Adirondack Mountains. I taught high school art for 31 years and after divorcing, and my children were grown, I decided there were no reasons I shouldn’t live in the Adirondacks, so I moved to Saranac Lake in 2004. I love to hike, paddle, and ski, as well as spend time outdoors painting and I simply feel like I was meant to live here. What I try to capture in my art is just that – what I love about the Adirondack landscape. Not only the physical aspects – the forms, colors, textures, but also the qualities of rugged wilderness, and even the rich history of the area. The fact that what we see, what my paintings appear to illustrate – a vast, wild scenic landscape, was once almost lost to logging, forest fires, and increasing development. I guess I want to make people aware of the story of the Adirondacks in my paintings.

When you are painting an Adirondack scene, how do you go about creating the scene on the canvas?

I prefer, more than anything, to be outdoors, experiencing the actual place, as I recreate it on canvas. This is “plein air” painting – painting outdoors, on location – what you see, as you see it. But I put a great deal of effort into choosing where I paint – I cannot just drive down a road, park, and set up and paint. I fit all my gear into a backpack and often hike or paddle in order to find good painting spots. While I don’t always have specific things in mind, I have general things that I look for when I’m ready to do a painting. I like the beauty of the random order that nature seems to create – trees don’t grow evenly spaced, mountains aren’t perfect pyramid shapes. Good art, however, needs to be well composed – so all the elements that other artists apply to what they paint or sculpt, I look for in the landscape. Pleasing arrangements of asymmetric forms, variety – different shapes in the mountains or rocks, a harmonious range of colors, interesting textures. I often look for something strikingly unique – an interesting bend in a river, or tall snag of a dead tree. Once I choose the specific view I want to paint, I set up my easel, get my oil paints ready, and choose a canvas that will fit the composition I have in mind. Because plein air painting has to happen pretty fast, I jump right in with the paint. I mix up a neutral grey, using ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, plus some white, add some paint medium to thin it down, and I sketch in the major shapes with a brush. Then I begin blocking in the basic colors and forms until I have the canvas covered, often starting with the sky first. Once the whole canvas is painted, then I go back and add in a second layer, with more details this time, and correcting any errors I might notice. Sometimes I have to change things as the light or weather changes – that’s one of the joys of plein air painting! Painting the passage of time!

A Sandra Hildreth painting of Lake George. (Looking out from near Pilot Knob.)

Your artwork capture rocks, trees and wildlife. Can you tell us how you became interested in painting and what you enjoy most?

I’ve always loved to draw, even as a child. I visualize or sketch out things when I have problems to solve. So becoming an artist came very naturally to me, although for a career, I chose to do something with a more reliable income and became an art teacher. Now, retired from teaching, I spend much of my time outdoors – hiking, paddling, skiing or painting. Plein air painting allows me to do all these things at once! When I finish a painting, there is certainly a feeling of satisfaction. I do frame them and put them in galleries for sale, but what I value most is the experience of being outdoors painting. Painting is like meditation for me – I always feel invigorated after I’ve spent a day outdoors observing, interacting with, and painting the landscape.

How can our readers browse your artwork or get in touch with you directly?

I’m a member of the Adirondack Artists Guild, a co-op gallery in Saranac Lake, and my paintings can always be found on display there. I participate in regional juried exhibitions and plein air events. Visitors are welcome to come to my home studio/gallery in Saranac Lake, if I can be found at home! Call first! All my paintings can be seen on my web site: or 518-891-1388.

The Adirondacks are a unique place. We’re always interested in fostering the idea of “community” through the Huletts Current. Can you tell us how your idea of community influences your art?

I believe most people live in the Adirondacks by choice – so that in itself creates a sense of community. We have chosen to live in a place that lacks a lot of the amenities that people in urban areas take for granted; we accept the fact that we will make less money, have poor cell service, slow internet, high heating bills, and have to sometimes travel long distances for certain goods or services. But look at what we get to look at! The vastness of this place and how there are many places to go where you won’t see houses, or even other people. The beauty of the wild places of the Adirondacks creates a community among the people who respect and cherish this environment. We care about the same things. In my specific community of Saranac Lake, I’ve been active on the Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Council because I want to see my friends and neighbors prosper, yet I don’t want to see unbridled development impact the lifestyle we have here. I hope my paintings communicate the respect and value I have for the Adirondacks and instills similar feelings in others.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, we would like to extend an offer for you to come up and paint a scene from Huletts Landing anytime you are free. Please take us up on this offer.

Thanks for the invite to come paint – I’d love to do it sometime.

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Dresden Board Passes 2015 Budget: 6.77% Increase in Town Taxes

November 15th, 2014 · No Comments

The Dresden town board on Monday, October 10th, passed the 2015 town budget which included a 6.77 % increase in the tax levy. In order to do this, a public hearing was held at the beginning of the evening to override the tax cap and approval was required by the town board. Six people where in attendance at the public meeting. The increase was the largest in some time and was necessitated primarily by an increase in the medical insurance costs of town employees and a need to increase the town’s reserve fund balance which had dipped precipitously low over the past few years.

A discussion was held on the tax cap and the changes in prior year’s budgets that resulted in the increase in taxes for 2015. Over the past ten years, the budget adjusted solely for inflation would have increased approximately 25%. However the actual increases over that same period were closer to 10%. The feeling was that the town had worked diligently over the previous ten year period to hold the line on taxes but the 2015 increase could not be any smaller.

For taxpayers of Sewer District #1, all debt of the district was paid off in 2014. This results in no capitalization charge for debt in the 2015 tax bill for users of Sewer District #1.

The minutes of the previous month’s October regular meeting were approved and are posted on the Dresden website here, as well as the minutes of a special meeting held on October 29th, which authorized the public hearing on overriding the tax cap.

I expect to post a copy of the 2015 budget once I receive it in the next few days.

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Huletts Landing Post Office News

November 15th, 2014 · No Comments

This year’s annual Huletts Post Office flyer, which explains how to order stamps from the Huletts Landing Post Office, also documents that our Postmaster will retire soon.

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Washington County Proposes 2015 Budget

November 11th, 2014 · No Comments

Washington County Supervisors are proposing a 2015 budget of $108,155,631 which is approximately $300,000 less in spending than 2014. However it would include an increase of 2.85 percent to the tax levy which is within the tax cap allowed by state law.

The budget is finalized near the end of the year. I will have more on this in the days ahead.

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New NY State Website Allows Virtual Tours of Parks and Campgrounds

November 10th, 2014 · No Comments

Want to visit a New York State park or campground? Well, New York has recently launched a new website:

You can see a virtual tour of many different NY attractions right from your desktop. Many are in the Adirondacks.

Take a look and enjoy.

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Six Years Old

November 9th, 2014 · No Comments

Well, here it is another November 9th which is the day I celebrate the “birthday” of the Huletts Current. It’s been exactly six years since my first post in 2008.

I’ve been told that the site is some people’s first stop on the Internet every morning. While I’m sorry there’s not always breaking news, I try to mix it up with news, interviews, history and fun. I’m always looking for info to share with everyone.

So thank you to those who read the Huletts Current and those who share pictures and tidbits with the rest of the community here. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be engaging in this and I’d certainly run out of things to say.

As is my custom, here are the most read posts from the past year.

1.) Huletts Landing Post Office to Remain Open
2.) HLVFD’s Dual Event: “Santa’s Visit” and “Fire House Re-dedication”
3.) Dresden Has a Website:
4.) Catholic Bishop Visits Huletts Landing
5.) Mutual Aid Ice Drill a Success
6.) Bald Eagle Sighting: Lake Champlain South Bay Bridge
7.) Interview with Annelies Cook, U.S. Biathlon Team
8.) Foster Brook Summer Flood Revisited: Where Did the Water Come From?
9.) Interview with Pat Rushia: Candidate for School Board
10.) Catholic Chapel of the Assumption Interior Renovation in Progress

So thanks again for reading, and thanks for sharing your news and pictures here. Now it’s on to year seven.

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Dresden November Meeting Agenda

November 8th, 2014 · No Comments

The agenda for the November 10th Town of Dresden Board meeting has been posted here:

November Meeting Agenda

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