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Now for Some History: July 1922

August 28th, 2016 · No Comments

This postcard from July 20, 1922, depicting Huletts Landing, was mailed from Silver Bay NY.

Sometimes the most interesting part of an old postcard is what was written on it. Many thanks to Russ Considine for providing this glimpse into the summer of 1922. Here is what was written on the back:

“Have come to Silver Bay Y.M.C.A Conference and I never dreamed it was so nice. I am having a fine time. Hope to see you when I get back. Was so busy before I went away. – Amanda”

Addressed to:
Miss Leslie S Lifie
723 McKnight Street
Reading, PA

Postmarked: July 20, 1922 Silver Bay NY

“I never dreamed it was so nice,” were the words that I think we would still agree with today! (Click images to see full-scale.)

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We Can Do Better

August 26th, 2016 · No Comments

The Huletts Landing Volunteer Fire Company needs your help. This year alone they taught the First Aid Course, purchased the AED’s for the community and had their open house. They have steadfastly kept the community up to date with their activities thru the Huletts Current and emails.

This year, in order to save money, instead of mailing their annual appeal, they sent their annual fund drive letter electronically.

The bottom line?

This year’s fund drive responses so far to date: 20. Last year at this time they had already received 215!

In another week the summer will be over, and lots of people will return to their other homes.

So bottom line – please help. I am sending in my donation today. Will you also? Here is the original solicitation.


Dear Friends and Supporters of the HLVFC,

The Huletts Landing Volunteer Fire Company relies heavily on fundraising to keep our fire and emergency medical responses at a level greater than the town provided funding. Our budget is derived partly from the Town of Dresden, but it is just barely enough to cover our operating expenses, let alone purchase the necessary equipment to support the efforts of our many volunteers. Donations from residents, citizen’s groups and renters help us to provide a high level of service to the community. Our mere existence keeps your fire insurance rates lower than they otherwise would be without us.

Last year we increased our donation rate from the prior year of 20% to an astounding community donation rate of greater than 65%. This banner year enabled us to purchase state of the art cardiac defibrillators for our first responders to carry in their jump kits and one on our medical response Engine 372. We also purchased a Stryker Rescue chair so we can carry people where stretchers can’t go, for example, from dock to the road.

Our Chief Jay also has on his wish list to acquire 5 inch diameter hose to increase water flow at fires. Five-inch hose has been the standard in the fire service for at least the last 20 years or more. All of our surrounding fire departments have 5 inch hose. Wonder why we do not have any?

The reason we do not have 5 inch hose yet is very simple: 5 inch hose isn’t cheap. But it moves a lot of water. This past June during a mutual aid drill we organized, we proved we can supply a continuous and reliable flow of water via a tanker relay into parts of Land’s End. Five inch hose will extend our reach. It will increase our water flow 3x what it is now and, as in recent years, modernized our fire company. Many of you are aware of the house that burned down of the top of Route 6 in late June. We pumped and shuttled water from 6AM to 2PM to cool the fire down enough to allow fire investigators to sift through the ashes for human remains and investigative purposes. More water means more fire extinguishing capability, less time on scene and helps to save surrounding exposures.

Remember, the HLVFC is a nonprofit 501(c) corporation so your donation to the department is tax deductible. If your employer has a matching gift program, think of us. To state the obvious, we would be glad to receive a corporate match. It leverages your donation.

Lastly, we are always in need of new volunteers. Every person who joins can do something to contribute to our dedicated personnel. We drill generally 3 Monday’s a month. Our business meeting is the second Monday of every month, except if it is a holiday.

Thank you for reading our letter. Now it is time for action on your part. A suggested donation schedule is below. There is no mandate here. Give what you can. Every dollar is appreciated and goes back directly to the community.

Help our Chief Jay fulfill his wish list with your donation.

The Volunteers of the Huletts Landing Fire Company

Suggested donation:
______ $1,000 (or more)
______ $500
______ $250
______ $100
______ $75
______ $50
______ Other

Thank you for your generous support. May you have a happy, healthy and safe year. We are grateful for your support and we will be there when you need us 24/7.

Please mail your tax deductible contribution to the following address:
HULETTS LANDING FD, PO Box 59, Huletts Landing, NY 12841

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FHHL Speaker Kimball Brought Raptors

August 26th, 2016 · No Comments

Nancy Kimball, wildlife rehabilitator, holds an owl on Thursday at the Mountain Grove Memorial Church as part of the Friends of Historic Huletts Landing Summer Lecture Series.

Those who attended the Friends of Historic Huletts Landing Lecture entitled: Meet the Raptors by wildlife rehabilitator, Nancy Kimball, were treated to a great program. About 45 attended, about half children scrambling for front row seats. Ms. Kimball gave very informative talk which included three raptors she brought with her.

Lots of discussion of frozen mice, which she buys by the hundred to rehabilitate injured birds and animals which she nurses back to health. A sample of an ex-mouse bone and fur-ball choked up, was passed around (in a little box) – not everyone would touch the box. She does this as a labor of love. She received lots of questions and she and the birds received a big round of applause!

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NBC “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” Adirondack Episode Monday

August 25th, 2016 · No Comments

The August 29th episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” will feature Grylls and NBA great,Shaquille O’Neal, being dropped into the Adirondacks. See the preview below.

O’Neal’s episode will air on Monday 8/29 at 10 p.m

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June & July Dresden Town Board Meeting Minutes

August 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

The minutes from the June and July 2016 Dresden Town Board meetings were recently approved and have been posted on the town’s website.

June Minutes

July Minutes

The August minutes will not be approved until September and so on. (Some months are not immediately approved at the following month’s meeting in the event of changes.)

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Demonstration of “Stryker Rescue Chair” to HLVFC Firefighters

August 21st, 2016 · No Comments

A demonstration of a “Stryker Rescue Chair” was given to the Huletts Landing Volunteer Fire Company.

The August 15, 2016 training session at the firehouse was dedicated to a demonstration of a new emergency asset being considered for purchase by the Huletts Landing Volunteer Fire Company, the “Stryker Rescue Chair.” Fire Chief, Jay Vander Plaat, made arrangements to have the manufacture’s representative, Ms. Melissa Garcia, come and give a demonstration of the characteristics and capabilities of this very durable, yet lightweight piece of equipment; and its ease of handling in transporting injured victims of fire or medical emergencies.

Under an agreement with Stryker, the chair is currently on loan to to our Fire Company so that it can be tested under emergency conditions.

After completing that assessment, a decision will be made whether or not to purchase this new equipment. Here are several photos of the training session.

Volunteers were enlisted to sit in the chair while others moved them.

It makes it easier to transport a person down a flight of stairs.

The chair folds and stores easily.

Numerous safety features were explained.

A picture of the full chair.

It stores easily in the side compartment of a fire truck.

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AED’s Arrive – Goal Achieved

August 21st, 2016 · No Comments

An automated external defibrillator (AED).

I received word this past week from the Huletts Volunteer Fire Company Chief, Jay Vander Plaat, that the new AED’s which the fire company ordered have arrived.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight, portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart. The shock can stop an irregular heart rhythm and allow a normal rhythm to resume following sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest is an abrupt loss of heart function.

This is a milestone which the community has a right to be proud about.

Last year, the Fire Department’s fund drive was focused on raising the money to replace their current four AED’s with new models.

The Fire Department wanted to put these life saving devises around the Landing for members of the community to use in the event of an emergency. In order to do that, people had to be trained.

Thus, the Fire Department first provided the community with the classroom instruction in first aid, CPR and the proper use of the AED.

The Huletts Landing Property Owners Civic Association submitted the paperwork and applied for PAD which stands for Public Access Defibrillator through Glen’s Falls Hospital which provided medical direction along with Dr. Desaderio from the ER, who handles EMS services for the Mountain Lakes Region.

Susan Biondo DeVerna, because of the death of her husband on the Landing and the Fire Department’s effort to save his life, is donating an AED and its water proof storage box to be housed along the HLPOCA’s beach and tennis area.

For all those who worked to make this happen – the community is extremely grateful.

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Bits of Everything

August 21st, 2016 · No Comments

The Chronicle: Off-duty police officer from Cheektowaga was key to LG fatal boat crash investigation

The Daily Beast: America Was 20 Minutes Away From Being French

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LGLC Protects Wetlands in Putnam to Protect Lake George

August 18th, 2016 · No Comments

Map of Bridge the Nose Initiative (Click image to see larger view.)

The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) has acquired 65 acres in the Town of Putnam from Thomas and Christine Bain. The land contains important wetlands and includes a significant part of the Sucker Brook marsh, which drains directly into Lake George at Glenburnie.

The acquisition also protects a large area of rare northern white cedar swamp. This habitat type is threatened State-wide by development, habitat alteration, and recreational overuse, as well as invasive species, such as purple loosestrife and reedgrass.

“Sucker Brook and its marsh have been a part of my family for five generations,” said Thomas Bain. “Purchased by my Great Grandfather around 1945 it has been enjoyed by generations of the Bain Family down through my children. The serenity and quiet beauty of that location is treasured by myself and my extended family. I can recall hiking through the marsh in the middle of winter as a boy and being amazed by the stark contrast of the rich jet black mud bottom of Sucker Brook to the surrounding bright white snow.”

“Knowing that it is protected,” Bain continued, “and in turn offers a small portion of protection to Lake George into which it runs, gives me great satisfaction. My family and I enjoy our visits to Putnam and always stop and take in the grand views of Lake George from Gull Bay or Glen Bernie. Keeping the lake in a pristine condition is essential to maintaining that beauty. The Lake George Land Conservancy has allowed us to contribute to maintaining that legacy for many generations to come.”

Photo of Lake George, South from Record Hill/Anthony’s Nose © Carl Heilman, II (Click image to see larger view.)

“The Bains have been respectful caretakers of this land for generations and understand its important connection to protecting the lake,” said LGLC Executive Director Jamie Brown. “We are extremely grateful to them for their conservation ethic and for working with us on this important protection project. This really is a clear example of working with a landowner who understands how important the land is what we are talking about when we say protecting the land to protect the lake.”

The acquisition is part of the LGLC’s Bridge the Nose Initiative, which will allow the LGLC to complete its ten-year effort to conserve the 2,000-acre Sucker Brook complex in order to protect the water quality of Lake George, connect existing lands protected by the LGLC and New York State for recreation and wildlife, and conserve the region’s rare northern white cedar swamp ecosystem.

Sucker Brook is one of Lake George’s ten largest tributaries, which means that the water flowing through it may significantly impact the lake’s water quality. Its protection by the LGLC provides a safeguard against excess storm water, erosion of the stream corridor, and nutrient loading from neighboring sources of fertilizers and road salt, further protecting the lake’s water quality.

This most recent acquisition is adjacent to the LGLC’s Gull Bay and Last Great Shoreline Preserves, filling in a gap between the properties. The LGLC expects to extend the preserves’ trail systems to include a strategically placed boardwalk along or through the northern white cedar swamp with wildlife viewing platforms.

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Budweiser Clydesdale’s in Lake George Village: August 18th

August 16th, 2016 · No Comments

A Budweiser Clydesdale at home in St. Louis.

The world famous Budweiser Clydesdale team will be in the Charles R. Wood Park in Lake George Village this Thursday, August 18th between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. They will be available for taking pictures with.

Between 5:00 and 6:00 pm, they will parade down Beach Road and Canada Street. So if you’re planning on going down to the “Village,” you can see them on Thursday afternoon.

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Skip Linhart Golf Tournament: August 20th

August 15th, 2016 · No Comments

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Whitehall Common Core Test Scores Rank Very Low

August 15th, 2016 · No Comments

Below is the percentage of students who were proficient on the Common Core tests in Math and English at the Whitehall School District.

Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 8 Grade 8
Math English Math English
09% 30% 13% 08%

The 3rd grade Math and the 8th grade English scores were the lowest in the county.

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Meet the Raptors of the Adirondacks: FHHL Lecture – Thursday August 25th

August 14th, 2016 · No Comments

Nancy Kimball, wildlife rehabilitator, will speak on Thursday, August 26th at 6:30 pm at the Mountain Grove Memorial Church as part of the Friends of Historic Huletts Landing Summer Lecture Series.

Nancy Kimball, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, will present a program on the characteristics and behaviors of raptors that live in this area. Nancy has 12 years of experience in this field of home-based wildlife rehabilitation, and will be accompanied at this presentation by some of her educational birds.

Mountain Grove Memorial Church – Thursday, August 26th – 6:30 PM

Free to FHHL Members/$5 Non-Members

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Calling All Artists

August 12th, 2016 · No Comments

The Friends of Historic Huletts Landing will be having their annual Art Auction on Saturday August 20th between 5:00 -7:00 pm.

For all artists who would like to donate their work, please drop off art at the Gallery between 10:00 am and noon on:

Tuesday 8/16
Thursday 8/18
Saturday 8/20

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